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  • What will you learn?

    • How to strategically formulate your company's unique values 
    • Who is your ideal customer 
    • How you can structurally attract your ideal customer
    • How you can promote your business on- and offline
    • How to communicate with your customers.
    • How to deal with obstacles in your business
    • Financial advise


    What will you get?

    • Glowin&Growin Planner
    • Strategic Marketing Workbook
    • Delicious Finger Foods and Beverages 


    I want to give the best experience, so working in small groups is important! This way you will have Hands-On Teaching (or 1:1 Teaching).


    This will be a two-day course.


    So are you ready for your winning season? 

    Remember, if you are not ready to fail you are not ready to succeed!


    Dress Code // Pink or White 
    Mood // Positive Vibes Only
    Invest // €500

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